The basis of every selection decision is the evaluation of alternative and competing ship designs with a focus on the best military and technical value for the available budget. With the help of diverse evaluation methods, and based on the functional requirements and the budget, a statement can be made on the fulfillment of requirements and

We evaluate the designs with a focus on the fulfillment of requirements as well as the best cost-benefit ratio, in order to find the most economically feasible solution with the best military benefit. With this in mind, factors such as effectiveness indicators and risk factors play an extended role.

the most efficient alternative. MTG Marinetechnik applies, for example, the highly flexible and transparent “analytic hierarchy process” which is based on expert opinions, and also models which help define the cost-benefit ratio.

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The AHP analysis procedure is used to compare alternative designs. In this case the designs are directly compared with each other without absolute scale graduation which enables flexible evaluation while considering the different values of the individual characteristics.